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Total immersion version of Duolingo?


I'm writing with a feature request.

I'm learning French and already have a sufficient level of French to understand most basic instructions, so if all the instructions like "Write this in English", "Mark all correct lines", etc. were instead written in French, it would mean that I would be more immersed in the French language while I'm learning French.

April 12, 2018



I recommend doing the reverse tree to learn English from French, or some other language if you are really good in French. Then, all the basic instructions will be in French and all the sentence discussions will also be in French by people trying to learn English or another language if you choose to "ladder". There is also a higher ratio of translating in the opposite direction.


If you go into your language settings, and switch your "learning from" language to "french", and then choose a language to learn - from french - then I think you will see more (but not all) french.


As has already been said, switch to the English for French speakers course, and it will give you just what you want . . . well, it did before the Crowns system was imposed upon us all. Now you may get too much French for your present ability. There is only way to see: try it. You can always postpone it for later if it is too hard now.

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