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Visiting Mexico City

Planning to ramp up my Duolingo Spanish level very soon.

Any recommendations for Mexico City?

April 12, 2018


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Welcome to my city! Don't worry about making mistakes when having a conversation because most of people over here are very kind and willing to help people coming from a different country. But please get someone to go with you by everywhere to be more secure. If you visit the museums area please don't go further because the surrounding areas are not very secure. I've seen many tourists walking without knowing where there are going because there are many old churches that seen from far look interesting but when you are near you realize they are closed and abandoned and dirty. The main museums are excellent but again please don't start walking if you really don't know where you are going. Over all be careful if you travel by subway in rush hours because there are many pocket pickers. Be careful when walking among the crowd because there are groups of six people surrounding easy victims, then distracting them and stealing their cellphones. I hope you enjoy your trip and learn a lot!

April 12, 2018


I was harassed by the homeless the first night I landed in Seattle.

April 12, 2018
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