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"You didn't test out of any skills"

I'm still looking through the new format. One thing I am working on is using the weak words ranking in the words tab. When you click on the category of your weak word strength, for instance "Verbs", it takes you to the lesson intro and gives an opportunity to test out which would make many people that are dissatisfied with the new format a little happier. But there is a problem. I went through 4 categories, with zero mistakes. And after each test, it indicated, "You didn't test out of any skills." My question, if we are perfect at any of the lessons, what is the point of this "Test Out" feature?

April 12, 2018



All the links to the old "decay" system, don't result in the way you like.
Unfortunately, there is currently no possibility in the new "crown system" to "test out" or to "strengthen a single skill".


Then they need to take out the "Test Out" function and not lead us to believe that this is a real feature.

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