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"I have eaten too many spring rolls!"


April 12, 2018



The first 了 indicates past tense, while the second one pairs with 太 [多] to mean "too [many]" (whereas 太 can also mean "a lot of"). Thus it is correct as is, though I understand your questioning this seeming redundance.


Could somebody explain why 了 is used twice in this sentence?


For those wondering, the double 了 comes from the 了 following the verb indicating the completion of the action (it does not indicate past tense, just grammatical aspect i.e. Completion) a second 了 can be added at the end to show the extent to which something was done, almost as if to say 'I have eaten as many as x so far' or 'I have eaten for y so far' but in this case it is a part of the 太...了 structure, which expresses that they have eaten so much that it has reached a level which would be considered excessive.


Why not 吃过 for 'have eaten'?


吃过 is for the experience of having eaten at any point in your life. Like saying "I've eaten this (吃了)" vs "I've eaten this before (吃过)"

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