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adjective-noun order?

My understanding is that the adjective comes after the noun, as in this phrase, where "Klingon" is the noun:

tlhingan wochqu' vIlegh (I saw a really tall Klingon)

But in this phrase, where "Klingon" is the adjective and "warriors" the name, the adjective comes before the noun:

nong tlhIngan SuvwI'pu' (Klingon warrriors are passionate)

Could some one please explain?


April 12, 2018



{tlhIngan} is not an adjective. It's a noun in a genitive relationship with {SuvwI'}. When you have two nouns N1-N2, the construct refers to N2 which is described or restricted by N1, in this case, warriors who are Klingon.


The way I like to put it is that when you are using a verb as an adjective, it comes after the noun it is describing and when you use a noun as an adjective, it comes before the noun it is describing.

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