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  5. "He often buys milk here."

"He often buys milk here."

Translation:Často tady kupuje mléko.

April 12, 2018



I got right for "On kupuje mléko casto tady". Is there a difference between my answer and "Často tady kupuje mléko."? I have such a hard time determining in which order the words should come in a scentence. Any tips?


I am not very happy with the order you managed to pass with. It is super marginal. As if TADY was an afterthough. Or you are trying to point out that it is TADY. The word order is brutal in Czech. You would say "On tady casto kupuje mleko" but when you skip ON, one would swap TADY and CASTO and say "Casto tady kupuje mleko" as if TADY insisted to be the second word of a sentence no matter what. My tip? Czech girlfriend


Oh, I did a report because I thought my answer "on často tady kupuje mléko" might be correct. From the way you describe the word order, I suppose it is odd.


The second one is much more natural sounding. The first one is not wrong per se, but it's unusual.


Can you explain the word order to me? It all seems very arbitrary


It may seem so, there is a lot of freedom here:

Často tady kupuje mléko.
Kupuje tady často mléko.
Tady často kupuje mléko.
Tady kupuje často mléko.

Are all almost the same. And more combinations are certainly possible if you want to emphasize some of the words.

Mléko tady často kupuje.
Mléko tady kupuje často.
Mléko kupuje často tady.

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