"Veux-tu un peu de rôti froid ?"

Translation:Do you want a bit of cold roast?

April 12, 2018

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I'm left wondering cold roast what? ...


It doesn't say. It's a roast. It's cold. Do you want a bit of it or not?


What is wrong with "Do you want a little bit of the cold roast" ?? Wordy, but I don't think it is wrong.


Please just make your report using the report button. There are various expressions which people use naturally: a bit of, a little, a little bit of, the latter being accentuated (un petit peu de). There is little difference and it's mostly just personal preference. Is there much to be gained by slicing this expression into little bits?


Just tryng to find out if I am right or incorrect. If icorrect, it is not worth reporting. Sorry.


The use of "a little bit of the" doesn't set off alarm bells but it is more on the order of "un petit peu de". As a general rule of thumb, there is no need to add more words when a small number will serve well enough.


I'm just wondering what the French is for "roti", as in the Indian flatbread? According to Google Translate, the translation is "rôti" as well, but surely that can't be right.


I'm left wondering as well. Maybe indienne ?


Looks like DL gobbled up the word in brackets. What i meant to say was "French word for flat bread" + indienne


What's wrong with "do you want a little cold roast"?


Any sentence you're at least 90% sure about you can just report without writing a comment.

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