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Idioms lessons in German

I decided to go to the shop and "buy" the German Idioms lessons as a bit of a reward for progress, and a challenge.

While it was interesting to learn, I was disappointed that the lesson deviated from expecting you to translate the German into English. Instead it just gives you the German sentence and asks you to respond (in English) with the equivalent English idiom. It feels inconsistent to the rest of the course and it doesn't really reinforce learning.

I think it would be an excellent opportunity to share some elements of culture and language's expression in teaching the literal translation, as well as explaining what the idiom would mean roughly in English. Is that something that could be done? Does it matter?

April 12, 2018



I did the idioms and was a little startled by some of the equivalents suggested.

Some Like "Schnee von Gestern" for old news made sense.

The equivalent for "Raining cats and dogs" was "Es schuttert wie aus Eimern".

A German friend explained that it described liquid pouring from a large earthenware vessel.............Suddenly that made sense.....He however could make no sense of the Cats and dogs described in the English equivalent and his belief that Britain is like some vast lunatic asylum is reinforced.


'Es schüttet wie aus Eimern.' (not 'schuttert') :)


Vielen Dank. Meine Tastatur kann nicht buchstabierern!!!


Even Germans use cats falling from the sky in "... und wenn es Katzen hagelt". which means "... even if it hails cats. I suppose you can use it like "...come hell or hot water" or "... no matter what"

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