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What are some good German learning books? Need something for exercises.

One with CDs would be very helpful.

April 12, 2018



Hello Somrandomdude. The book I would recommend most is called 'Living German, a grammar based course'. It's written by R.W. Buckley. The book is in its seventh edition and comes with a CD. I have several German course books and I would say this is the best one. Right from the beginning you'll be learning conversational German. And of course you'll be learning the grammar aswell. I see you're doing well with your duolingo German course and I think you'll really soar with the book I've recommended. I would also suggest Collins complete German. It's a grammar, verbs and vocabulary reference. Lots of tables, lists and examples to look up. Best of luck with your learning.


Thank you for the useful information! :)


Thanks. I'll check out on amazon or ebay.


I use Langenscheidt's German Grammar in a Nutshell to review grammar. It doesn't have any CD's and assumes you have a fairly large vocabulary but all of the sentences in German do have an English translation with the exception of the exercises. That said, it does have exercises and, more importantly, IT HAS THE ANSWERS IN THE BACK. I have had a terrible time finding resources that let you see if you actually got the correct answer. As a side note, it does have a sense of humor which is a bonus.


Easy German STEP-BY-STEP


I'm not sure if there is a cd with it though...


Keep Talking German ten days to confidence

this one is a cd.


Thanks! I just ordered this on Audible (since I already have an account, and had a credit to spend), and downloaded the accompanying PDF.

Browsing through the exercises, I noticed that people introduce themselves like, "Ich bin DER Marcus" and "Ich bin DIE Patti." That's totally new to me. I'd love to know, from anyone here, if German speakers really put that definite article in there. Duolingo just has us saying, "Ich bin Hans" and "Ich bin Julia."


I am in the Same predicament. I need short stories or audio books.


May I suggest you look up the Bookbox audio books in German (on youtube)? These are great. They are not quite audio books. They have illustrations and a little animation and the words in the subtitles (in german) light up as the narrator reads them.

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