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Proofread Please!

I am writing an email to my French teacher, and I could have just written in English but since I am an overachiever I wanted to write it in French. I tired to stick to sentences I know the grammar for, but could someone please still check it? I really appreciate it. I have no accents on my computer, but she doesn't mind that in an email.

Bonjour Madame __,

Oui! J'ai reccement trouve un programme en francais! C'est Duolingo. J'apprends plus avec ca, et plus par jour. Mais, je ne suis pas pret pour l'examen. Je suis desole. Je souhait etre plus prepare.

Bonne semaine!

April 12, 2018



I Don't know French but it looks like you put a lot of effort into it so here's 20 lingots. :)


Wow! Thank you very much!


Since I'm French, well ... I can easily tell you! So, I think you're doing very well, and I congratulate you elsewhere because I think that French is not an easy language (after that it's up to you to judge)! Since when are you on Duolingo (do not answer if it's too indiscreet)? I have been there for about six months. Good continuation, Charlotte


Thank you! I will send it know that I know it is acceptable. I have been on Duolingo for a little over a month. I am struggling to hold an A in French 20 so I am using this site until I am confident enough to take the midterm. I'll probably keep using it until I finish French 30 and maybe even after that.


Anyway, whatever you choose, I really advise you Duolingo if you want to straighten your level or learn the basics.

But do not forget that Duolingo is also an application that allows you to discover lots of languages!

And then, there is a little more, it's free! Not bad as a site, right?

After, I do not say that there are no disadvantages, but it's still a nice application, and he should have more of this kind!


I have really been enjoying it, and I have learned a lot with it. I am certainly going to continue using it. Once I am done with French 30 I might play around with some of the other languages Duolingo has to offer.


I too like Duolingo very much and I think that I will continue to learn languages on this site, whether for pleasure or for the need. You're lucky, you're English so you can learn a lot more languages! I can only learn five languages. But hey, that's it! And then, when I finish the English tree, I will know a lot more this language and I could say that I am English and learn all the other languages.


désolé has accents :) but otherwise I think everything is parfait!


Bonjour madame XXX, (madame is not capitalized before a proper name)

Oui [space] ! J'ai récemment (accent + one C and 2 Ms) trouvé (accent) un programme en français [space] ! J'apprends plus avec ça, et plus par jour. Mais (no comma) je ne suis pas prêt (accent) pour l'examen. Je suis désolé (accents). Je souhaite (ending in -e) être (accent) mieux ("better" instead of "more") préparé (accents.


Thank you very much! I just gave you 5 lingots. :)

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