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Just got to crown level 4 on alphabet (Russian), 25 lessons to level 5? Are you kidding me?

Just another crown rant... I don't mind the new system but for those of us that are already at level 25 in some languages or 19 for me in Russian, do we really have to do this many lessons on the basics to light the tree up! Ugh... I realize we can pick and choose but something about having a lit tree I think kept a lot of us motivated.

April 12, 2018



I know, it is so frustrating. Every morning my mother-in-law comes into the kitchen and says, "доброе утро" and I say, "I'm not answering you because I already know that, so why should I repeat myself? Say something new." Stupid mother-in-law. :-)


I think it's all good practice. Yes, every Russian person has already heard it trillions of times. So if they start a conversation with "доброе утро" their mind is already moving on and ready for the next sentence which may not be so simple.


Dear RayC628481,

I totally agree with you. I was trying (not very well apparently) to be tongue-in-cheek. Language (and language learning) is full of repetition.

Also, I don't think my mother-in-law is stupid!!!


Oops! I see ... now I got it. :) I think it might be my problem... :P


No, the right analogy to the new crown system would be her saying "доброе утро" to you something like 25 times a day every day.


Dear TimK68747,

No argument from me, that the crown system has a lot more repetition and that some people (like me) find that a good thing, and others (you apparently?) find that a bad thing. I will say, just for the record, that when I'm staying at my sister-in-law's place in Russia I do in fact wind up saying доброе утро a few dozen times a day.

P.S. I guess I would also add that there is no reason to do all that repetition if you don't want to, as discussed by phopkins1 below.


No, I'm not kidding...I went through the same thing. It's ridiculous, really. It adds up to so many. Thank God that I was already at 3 on everything when it was switched over! But don't worry...the lessons are so short, I can complete one of those in about 20 seconds...I hope they reduce it, anyway. Best of luck ;).


It took 840 Exp to make french food golden.


Yep. 30 seconds for some of them. Super fast. My trees will be all gold again in no time. And I’m even learning a few things. And my typing is getting super fast again.


Is that why your weekly XP progress went through the roof


Xaxaxa Ray, yes. ;)


This is why I’m jumping around a lot; I’m getting everything to level 4 and only really working on one skill up to 5 at a time. This way it feels like I’m making a lot more progress (I went from 132 crowns to 137 crowns in my Spanish course in about a week this way with minimal frustration). Basic 1 in Spanish is shorter but no less grueling. I don’t want to type “yo soy un niño, tú eres una mujer” 3 times out of 12 just to pass a lesson. (Don’t get me started with the first skill in Japanese, it’s worse).


One, two, i, chi, ni - repeat. And again. And once more...


Completing an old tree would give you crown 1 or crown 2 level. So if you really like the old system, limit yourself at crown 2 and dont worry. Levels after that add some complexity and lots of repetitions. I actually find them to be very helpful


I'm totally with you... It took me a couple days to get gold in French basics, and now whenever I hear stuff like apples being red or someone saying he is a man or she is a woman I just feel like throwing up because of all that idiotic and useless repetition...


Couldn't agree more! I understand that repetition is a key to learning a language but this is just pointless .


I hate the idea of the practice button not being linked to my crown levels. It's hopeless ....


You are amazing all you!!


It alarms me the talk that in A/B comparisons... their chief metric was: spent longer on the app, and more time in duolingo. With all the problems going on with social media, they better not sacrifice quality of learning to ensure people get more screen time (making their advertisers happier). Because that will backfire big-time as FB is finding as they sacrifice positive interaction for longer app views.


I believe places(in the french tree) requires 80 lessons to get from level 4 to 5. I'm not sure though


Personally I wouldn't mind that much, if the words and grammar were ACTUALLY more difficult when you reach a higher crown level. Sadly, for now I didn't notice anything that I haven't seen in older version. Meeh.


Part of the point of the crown system is to give more advanced learners something worthwhile to do. If you rush ahead and gild every skill up to level 5, you'll truly be at the end of the road. Nothing decaying, no new skills, that's it, except endlessly pushing the practice button. Nothing for your "lit tree" to motivate you to do. So I'd suggest slowing down a bit, maybe laddering or something.


that s because you dont understand the new system. Look, once you get your 5th crown that´s it, you repetead it all so many times that you already know everything forever and ever, you can start calling randomly to speak to any russian by phone because you are already a Master!!


I realize that you were joking, but it is true that some people spend way too much time continuously refreshing their Duo tree when they should be out in the world reading and speaking. At least the new structure provides something slightly more challenging for advanced learners. And maybe the final, non-decaying gold tree of 5-crowns will push some people out of the nest and into the real world.


Good point. I definitely spend too much time on Duolingo and too little time using what I've learned. I still prefer being forced to review, though.


I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. I have to get 600 Xp just to level up my second tree. 600 XP!!!

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i get ya, but whats annoying me is its wanting me to write in russian?? ummm

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