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"On a eu du crachin toute la journée."

Translation:We have had drizzle all day long.

April 12, 2018



I'm not sure about needing "long" at the end...


Definitely not required and in other modules the same construction does not have "long" at the end


"we have had drizzle all day" should also be accepted; it has essentially the same meaning as "we have had drizzle all day long" and similarly common. I've reported it.


I agree with both of you! The word long isn't necessary in th English sentence, it makes perfect sense already


A eu ne pas egal "have had" , c'est "had". " have had" c'est avait eu, pqp


I believe that "avait eu" would translate to "had had"


That's what I say James!


One has had some drizzle all day. Is the problem with this translation that it is too literal or are there other errors?


The confusion may be that drizzle can be a noun or a verb. For example there is a light drizzle outside - noun. There is light drizzling outside - verb. I am only guessing that this may be a problem that needs explaining.


A eu means had, has had, have had, which is it? In this sentence why can't it just mean, we had drizzle all day or you can say, we have had drizzling all day. But, it has been drizzling all day, sounds better.

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