Cuales y Donde poner artículos definidos, indefinidos y neutros en este texto? De acuerdo a las regl

Put a or an, the or no article (-) in the gaps.

Dear _ Jo and Ian, This is picture of _ hotel we're staying at. We were lucky enough to get one of rooms overlooking _ sea and view is lovely. We had _ good journey over here and children quite enjoyed _ flight. They've got lovely room of their own and they think _ hotel's great. In general, we've all been having really good time. Unfortunately, Penny got _ very sunburnt back on first day so she's had to wear _ T-shirt since then, but apart from that everyone's been fine. Jeremy's met English boy of about _ same age and they get on very well. They went into town on their own _ last night and bought themselves meal. And tonight they want to go out to _ disco - there are plenty to choose from here. We've spent most of our time on beach so far. _ sea is really warm and clear so we've done lots of swimming. Tomorrow we're going on _ boat trip to one of islands and we're going to have _ barbecue on island. I'm really looking forward to that. Anyway, I'll give you _ ring when we get back and we'll see you _ next week. Best wishes, Sally and Robin

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