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15??? times to achieve French Level 5 Basics 2

So you loved the GOLD CIRCLES - then all of a sudden Duolingo went mad and added OTT levels with CROWNS.

OK - so i live with it and want my Goldies back - but come on 15 times I have to go through "La femme et riche". currently i sit at 0/15!!!!! aaagh!

You really know how to upset a community!

April 12, 2018



Try the food skill......840EXP


Well, some lessons that have 10 lessons at level 1, have to be done 50 times for level 5. That means from level 1 to 5 you need to fo one skill 110 times. :/


You don't have to do that many! I think this is for those that want extra practice. Just another option.

[deactivated user]

    The desire for gold can make us do funny things!

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