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Crowns + Daily/Random Practice

So, I had already completed the tree when the new crowns format was put in. I actually really like the idea of crowns myself because I appreciate being able to practice listening/writing as it offers. Obviously there is no strength decay that we can see on the crowns system. Since I've already completed every skill, it's pretty boring to go through and click every skill again top-bottom. I had just been clicking "strengthen" with the impression I'd be working toward building my crowns-- didn't realize I was basically doing nothing! If people are simply clicking daily practice to basically get a random lesson, seeing as there is no strength bar, I really think that it should give us a random crown lesson. Or, alternatively, maybe once someone has completed the tree at 1 crown, offer a "random lesson" button so that we can strengthen our crowns lesson by lesson without having to go in order (boring LOL).

April 12, 2018



Completely agree! I miss having the algorithms of duolingo decide what would be most beneficial for mee to learn, while it still contributed to the tree progress!


Agreed. The other reason I liked the general "strengthen" button was not knowing what might pop up. If I KNOW I clicked on "pluperfect" I know to be using that tense, which I feel like makes it easier.


As a temporary workaround, you can roll dice to choose a lesson :-) Also, check out this third party site to see your lesson strength, as long as it lasts:



I used it just now and when you finish a lesson and click Continue, the dreaded Crowns pops open. I am really hating this "update."


I really like this "Random Lesson" idea! Would certainly remove a little friction from having to go select the lesson you want to reinforce, when you just want to reinforce the tree in general. Gives you the flexibility of either targeted or random practice.


I like the idea of a strengthen button for each crown. I used the "random" algorithm compiled lessons pretty much exclusively for a year, and it kept my tree gold the whole time. I never got really easy sentences like I am a boy, or a lesson that used the same limited vocabulary and sentence pattern over and over. I still use the strengthen option now, but I can't resist trying to go through the tree to raise the level threes it assigned me. I may force myself to stop doing the tree down the road though because it feels like such a waste of time.


Your idea is great! I think Duolingo will implement it soon.


Just a random comment: Since there are about 100 topics (or lessons), that means to achieve 5 crowns for each would give you 500 crowns. I was at 61% in Spanish before the conversion to Crowns, and now I have 178 crowns, so from 61%, I have been reduced to about 35%. Quite discouraging. So this calculation (divide your crowns by 5) can give give you an equivalent % instead of "Spanish Fluency". Que tenga un buen dia!


If you've already finished your tree, maybe it's time to start practicing on another free language learning site that actually DOES have SRS. My partner and I switched to the free version of Lingvist. We both like it a lot, and we're being exposed to new sentences and words.


Be a bit more honest, it's not a free learning site. It has some free components but to access the entire site you need to pay for a subscription.


Lingvist only has German, Spanish, French, and Russian. ;-(

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