"Baby animals are cute."

Translation:Les bébés animaux sont mignons.

April 12, 2018

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I thought baby is modifying animals here, why is it prior, does it count as an age adjective, from BANGS?


"Les bébés animaux" can be understood in different ways:

  • "bébés" as a noun and "animaux" as a regular adjective
  • a direct translation from "baby animals" but with "bébés" in plural to match usual French grammar
  • a shortened version of the possessive "les bébés des animaux"

However, it is also common to use "un bébé chien" or "un bébé requin" to refer to a very young animal.

Just remember that "bébé" must be in plural if the animal or animal name is in plural.


hmm, so you are saying here that baby is the noun, and animal is the adjective? I was thinking the other way around, the animal would be the noun, and baby the adjective, describing the animal. I am thinking of an example, such as a baby human, teenage human, or senior human. what say you?


There is no adjective « bébé », and only “animal” can be a noun (un animal, des animaux) or an adjective in all 4 forms: animal, animale, animaux, animales. Contrary to English nouns, which can be used as adjectives once placed before another noun, French nouns are not used as adjectives. Actually, it is the other way around: most French adjectives can become nouns with the addition of a determiner.


what is wrong with ' les petits animaux'?

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