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If i post a question in a discussion about a certain exercise/question in a lesson, do I have to click "Follow the Discussion" to see a reply or am I notified in some way?

April 12, 2018



You will get a notification only if you are following the discussion. So if the button says "Following", this is OK. If it says "Follow discussion", then you should push that button.

(Normally, we get subscribed to a thread once we've posted in it, but a few weeks ago this didn't work, and I'm not sure about the sentence discussions.)


Thanks, I was not made an automatic follower here and scrolled back to see your answer. I will try to remember to "Follow discussion" when I post.


Are there directions somewhere that tell the ins and outs of Duolingo. I earn Lingots or whatever and I dont do a thing with them or dont know how to use them. Also alot of my circles had been completed and now they all have "1s" and "2s" over them....not sure what this means....Directions anywhere???

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