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  5. "Die Familie hat Hunger."

"Die Familie hat Hunger."

Translation:The family is hungry.

March 22, 2013



Why does it read as Die Familie hat (not haben) Hunger? The family implies there is more than one and therefore plural no?


Familie is a singular noun, just as family is in English. You wouldn't say "The family have hunger" because the subject is singular. You would use haben for something like "Die Familien haben Hunger" ("The families have hunger"). Maybe the feminine die is what makes it seem even more plural?


I'm not sure but the case is the same with "thirsty", as in "Die Familie hat Durst". There is another way I've found and it is "Die Familie ist durstig" which translates directly to "The family is thirsty." Maybe there's another word for "hungry" that can be used this way.


Learning deutch when you are not a native english speaker, make that not a little bit easy.


Yup, i agree. Sometimes I make the mistake of exchanging have/has and lose a heart and wonder which language am i really learning?


Hunger is very hard to hear in this one

[deactivated user]

    I agree. I listened to it many times. It sounds like 'hat hanger'.


    The word "HUNGER" is not clearly spoken?


    Why is hat , is ? I thought it suppose to be ist ? Or do you use hat when family is involved idk,someone give me some advice lol.


    Hat isn't "is". When we say hat Hunger or hat Durst, it means "is hungry" or "is thirsty". "The family has hunger (or thirst) is not commonly used. At least we don't say it in English. If you want to say "is hungry" or "is thirsty" in German, you would say ist hungrig or ist durstig. (Note that they aren't capitalized, because they aren't nouns like "hunger" or "thirst"). So there are 2 ways of saying "The family is hungry": Die Familie hat Hunger or Dir Familie ist hungrig. So getting back to your original question, hat is "has" not "is", so you are correct. Hope this helps. :)


    Although "the family has hunger" sounds awkward it is NOT, however, grammatically incorrect. No one would ever use "I'm a bird" because birds can't talk, but it's grammatically correct.


    Is hat used for the family instead of haben because its a collective noun?


    Yes Naz....it sounds like "henge" but otherwise she pronounces beautifully & clearly.


    Please give a good pronunciation of "hunger"


    Why can't I write "the family has hunger"? It's grammatically correct

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