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I love the Duolingo Podcast! Anybody else?

I am new to Duolingo and find both the stories and the podcast incredibly helpful. It seems like they stopped adding new podcast episodes in January, though.

I'm wondering if anybody else thinks they should create more episodes (and in new languages!) or if you have heard whether the podcast series will continue.

April 12, 2018



Can you please explain to me what Duolingo Podcast is?


If you visit the 'labs' section on the Duolingo website, you'll see there is a podcast in Spanish. It tells real life stories in intermediate Spanish with some English throughout. They are really great, but there are only a few episodes. Really hoping they add more!


Yes, I love the podcasts! I have listened to my favourite episodes several times now. I am eagerly awaiting new episodes! In the meantime I am listening to Notes in Spanish and A Mi Aire in Spanish, and Coffee Break French in French.


Oh, thanks for mentioning these others! I will have to check them out. I find the podcasts so great for comprehension. Especially with French, I have a harder time understanding it than reading and writing it.


What languages are the podcasts in?


Right now just Spanish as far as I can see. Go to the 'Labs' tab and you will find it!

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