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Help me translate using the preposition pour please.


I just learnt that the preposition pour could mean 'in regards to' or 'as for' from the following website: https://www.lawlessfrench.com/grammar/pour/

My question is the following: I would like to say in French 'In regards to her, I don't love her anymore.' I think the translation would be « Pour elle, Je ne l'aime plus. »

I am aware that we can begin a sentence with a prepositional phrase, well this is true at least for English. Assuming that this is true for French, there's no problem with beginning the sentence with pour. I also know that a stressed pronoun follows prepositions.

But Google Translates it as « En ce qui la concerne, je ne l'aime plus. »

Which is correct? Is my translation correct or Google's or both?

April 12, 2018



Google's :) Your translation means "for her, I don't love her".


i have read french for 5 years in my school .... and according to my knowledge the one translated by google translation is basically correct but it is insufficient for expressing your point of view


I would personally say, "Quant à elle, je ne l'aime plus" or "En ce qui la concerne, je ne l'aime plus."

"Pour", in my opinion in that case, sounds a bit off, but that's just me. "Quant à" is useful, as it can also be translated as things like "with" or "when it comes to", as in the sentence "Il y a eu récemment des problèmes quant à savoir quels paquets sont arrivés" (Recently, there have been problems about/with knowing which packages have arrived." or Recently, there have been problems when it comes to knowing which packages have arrived.") Anyways, that's my two cents.

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