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Change of Format

I don't like this change or new format at all. I am forced back to redo simpler tasks that I have done before or feel it is unecessary to do. And there is far to much simple translation with tedious clicking on words. I may stop using Duolingo if this new system continues.

April 12, 2018



You don't have to do simple tasks. You just need one crown in each row of skills to move ahead, and everything else is totally up to you.

This is the approach that I have found so far: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26919711

As for the "clicking on words": At the bottom of the page within an exercise, you can switch from the wordbank to keyboard, so that you can type.

I hope this helps you. :-)


Heike - are you thinking about being a moderator? I think you should!!!


Thank you very much! But I'd rather like to be a normal member here (well -- as normal as I can be ;-))


I understand but just know that I appreciate your answers! You are better than normal - superb!


Okay, thanks for the feedback. It is good to know that I don't have to top up every crown. Maybe I just need to get used to te new system. However, I still think there is too much translation and clicking on words in this new system.

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Heike - Thanks, I did not know what that meant. And, you are right not to covet such a thankless job.


I'm with you. New format with no explanation of colors or icons. If I played a lot of video games maybe I would get it.

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