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Capital letters give away some answers

I've noticed that whenever you get a question where you have to build the sentence from a list of words... the capital letters always give the first word away. It would be better if no capital letters were given for the first word of the sentence. That said, it could be useful to include some capital letters (and their incorrect counter parts) for things that aren't capitalized in Spanish but are in English (or vice versa) . For example: language names... español y inglés.

April 13, 2018



It would be better if you did away with those words altogether and simply used the keyboard. That way you have to think much harder to remember the words. Using the words they give you is far too easy.


I agree completely when using a computer, and I opt out of the word choices. When doing review on the phone though typing is tedious.


I think they’d be ok for complete beginners for the first few levels, they are also handy for introducing new words into your vocabulary.

[deactivated user]

    You say that and whilst I do agree it gives the user more of a challenge, it's so annoying when you word something a certain way and they say "this answer is wrong" and you have to report it, and type in another answer, and if you've ever been in my situation then it gets very VERY irritating when you're stuck on a lesson because Duolingo wants you to word it a certain way, and ultimately from that I finish the lesson and through my frustration of having to type a sentence a certain way, I find out that I've learnt exactly 0 words from that lesson.


    Yes, I do see and appreciate your point, it can be annoying. However, I prefer that, as I want to know why what I've typed is wrong. Only by duolingo marking my answer wrong, do I get a chance to understand why it's wrong and what I need to change to make it correct. You don't get that by using the words duolingo gives you.

    That's all part of the learning process for me, which is why I have those words permanently switched off.


    Yes Duo does underline the mistakes however on my computer it underlines the wrong portion of the word or sentence, it will underline something that is correct


    Es verdad. Sin embargo, mientras yo uso un teclado para escribir mis oraciones en la computadora a menudo, otra gente usa celulares y me disgusta escribir in mi celular.


    Actually I always try to complete the exercise verbally first without trying to look at anything else... drop downs or word lists. Then I review those things. So while I agree with you that it is much better to complete the exercise on your own I disagree about doing away with them all together. Sometimes they give me a way to translate the exercise that I didn't think of which expands my understanding.


    Yeah, but I primarily use the phone app and there's no choice to opt out there. I would love to be allowed to opt out of word selection on the phone app too!


    I loaded the spanish typeface, then I can dictate most of the questions, except for 'word choice".


    I agree that the capital makes things easier, so to get around that, I translate the sentence in my head prior to looking at the word selections.


    I advise doing that with all the exercises.


    I agree, it's taking away part of the thought process that is so important


    I definitely agree!


    Good one! Sometimes I type but sometimes I use the tap function. I noticed the same thing but also noticed as I get to level 3 there is more than one capitalized option in some questions.


    Having more capitals actually would be a good solution as long as some of them we incorrect. It forces the learner to be cognizant of what they are actually doing.


    Yeah they should probably look into it. But then again, they do want the grammar to be correct. So it's a tricky one.

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