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Pronunciation with plurals

I just cannot get the hang of pronunciation in regard to plurals. It just sounds very similar when somebody says pomo or pomoj. Any tips and advice if I was to talk to another person?

April 13, 2018



The j basically makes vowels into diphthongs. So o, which sounds like "oh", becomes oj, which sounds like "oy". So pomo is "poe-moe", but pomoj is "poe-moy".


I created the Lernu kun Logano course on YouTube specifically to address questions like this. We could go back and forth in text, or we can listen to people actually speaking.



Awesome. I'll give it a listen later! Thanks for sharing.


Just listen for it. There is a faint possibility that the "-j" sound in Esperanto does not exist in your native language or that it does not carry any meaning. Native English speakers grow up learning that an "s" on a word makes it plural, but if you grow up learning that an "s" has no meaning, you won't listen for it. Just assume that the "-j" adds plural to whatever and it will happen for you ...


If you're having trouble with comprehension, i.e. when listening you have difficulty distinguishing, then the only thing that can help is more practice. Specifically, practice listening.

See if you can find a podcast or a book you're decently familiar with as an audiobook and listen away!

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