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"Jesus is walking over the sea."

Translation:Jesus läuft über das Meer.

April 13, 2018



Jesus may walk on water but Chuck Norris can swim on land


Wondering why this isn't dem Meer. From Google'The preposition über is used with accusative case if the verb shows movement from one place to another, whereas it is used with dative case if the verb shows location'

So am I right in thinking that dem Meer would mean walking "over/above" the sea, floating maybe, but das Meer means crossing it?


Hi! Read here what mizinamo says. It may help you. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/11088431


Today's lesson: Never bring up religion on the internet, or you will pay the consequences.


There are appropriate places for everything. This isn't the one to preach religion


It would be helpful if Duolingo had an indicator for the case so every time, after you answer, you can know the case of the sentence.


Like the different parts of the sentence were different colours corresponding to case, for example?


Could one not say, 'Jesus geht das Meer über'?


According to leo.org, the separable verb "übergehen" means to omit, merge or cross over, which isn't really what is meant here, I don't think.


Why not Jesus läuft auf das Meer?


That translates to "Jesus is walking on water." Which is not what this question wants. However, I still think that "auf" can't be used cause as far as I've seen, it is used for static stuff.


Could this mean that he is walking on the seashore? Or not him, but somebody else, who cannot walk on water.


To walk GEHEN would be the original translation in this case. to walk fast/smooth LAUFEN Wer weiss, vielleicht rannte, schritt, glitt, schlenderte, stolperte, hüpfte oder schlidderte er? to prance SCHREITEN to walk slowly SCHLENDERN to glide over ice without skates (shoes, roman sandals, thick socks) SCHLIDDERN So sad Duolingo teaches quite a lot of "UNSORGFÄLTIG AUSGEWÄHLTE ÜBERSETZUNGEN" as well as "VERDREHTE WORTWAHL BEI BESTIMMTEN REDENSARTEN".


I'm having a lot of trouble placing the prepositional phrases within the sentences. My first instinct was to say, "über das Meer, läuft Jesus." Could anyone help?

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