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Problems with different variations of verbs or lessons not updating

Is anyone else having problems with Duolingo not accepting different variations of the same word, posting a completely different word in the answer, or not receiving credit for lessons completed? My issues started with the last question of a lesson. The sentence to translate was:

"Tonight is already paid for at the hotel."

Every time I put it an answer, (my original answer or the various ones it stated were right), it gave me a different variation of the same verb or a different verb entirely. Duolingo gave me:

"Esta noche ya está pagada en el hotel" "Esta noche ya está costeada en el hotel" "Esta noche ya está abonada en el hotel" "Esta noche ya está cancellado en el hotel"

Finally Duolingo accepted an answer, but once I completed the lesson it gave me XPs for completing it, but did not give me credit for the lesson to complete the section. The was the only question I got wrong, but I got it wrong multiple times based on the different answers. So, I repeated the lesson, and again it did not update the lesson/section/crown/lingots. WTH? I checked both on my phone and computer, but nothing.

April 13, 2018


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