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Too many verbs!

I just worked through Present 3 in Spanish, which has 10 parts. I made a list of new verbs as I went. I counted 31; I probably missed a few, or didn't recognize a couple I should have known.

Many of these words occurred only once or twice. Choosing the only verb from a set of boxes is not a great way to learn them. Typing in verbs I have never seen before is even worse. Looking at my list, I can only guess the meaning of a few of them now.

At this point I hate to continue without learning this lesson, but I really don't want to spend the next week going over it again and again and again.

This new Duolingo format is absolutely not working for me.

April 13, 2018



I share this frustration. I've needed to repeat the same lessons many times for some topics, though it appears that the only level we will be able to review is level 5 once it has been done through once. Advancing through the crown levels isn't an ideal approach for the type of basic learning/review sometimes needed (and forces review of all instead of only what's weak). It would be fabulous to have the option to individually select the crown level we wanted to work on -- or to have a reset button for each unit.


Could you refer to a dictionary when you come across a verb (word) that you are unsure of?


I agree with you. Crowns are problematic.


You have an option in each question to type the words instead of choosing them from the given boxes.

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