2⁸= 256

Could someone write the equation in the title in German and explain the general rules for expressing x², x³, x⁴, x⁵, etc… ?

April 13, 2018


that you are doing there is called potenzieren in german.

in mathematical terms or "everyday use"?

everyday use could be x hoch 2 for x²; x hoch 3 for x³ etc.

in math class in school your teacher could tell you

potenziere x mit 3 if he wants you to calculate x³

so your title could be 2 hoch 8 = 256

or for mathclass: 2 potenziert mit 8 = 256

Wow, that is interesting, that even in math Germans have the colloquial language and the formal language. I like the simplicity of the colloquial language "x hoch 2" - x superscript 2 :)

that is because we are to lazy to use the "correct" term if we don't really need to :-) but in class we would try to look like educated people...

Das "Potenzieren" ist die abkürzende Schreibweise für die Multiplikation mit gleichbleibendem Faktor. In deinem Beispiel sagt man "zwei hoch acht". "2" ist die Basis, "8" ist der Exponent. (die "256" ist der "Potenzwert"). - Für die Zahl "2" als Exponent gibt es auch den Ausdruck "quadrieren". Z.B. : Das Quadrat von "5" ist "25". - Die Umkehrung nennt man "Wurzel ziehen". Die achte Wurzel aus 256 ist 2.

Das war schön, eine sehr ausführliche und klare Antwort auf Deutsch. Toll!

Was betrifft die Benennung der umgekehrte Gleichung, "Wurzel ziehen", war mir anfangs total unglaublich. Es klingt wie ein landwitschaftlicher Begriff. Schön, dass du es erwähnt hast.

What about cube and cube root? Kubikwurzel, right?

A trick I use to find mathematic terms in German, is to go on Wikipedia, and click on the German equivalent of the page. For example:

Thanks for the hint (i.e. German Wikipedia).

Thanks, that was exactly what I asked for. Special thanks for the further reading.

ahhh - you are trying to learn how to say this mathematical expression in German. I hope someone will come by soon to assist with this language quandary.

Exactly. I couldn't type "say", because I cannot hear anyone from Duolingo, I can only read what has been written here :)

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