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"The bar is between the kitchen and the bathroom."

Translation:vutpa' puchpa' je jojDaq 'oH tach'e'.

April 13, 2018



Although the evidence is unclear, it seems that the -taH doesn't get used for permanent features, like the location of kitchesn and bathrooms.


I don't use this construction. I would always say {XDaq Y tu'lu'}. What's the canon I'm missing for this?


How about pa'DajDaq ghaHtaH la''e' The commander is in his quarters from TKD or bIQ'a'Daq 'oHtaH 'etlh'e' The sword is in the ocean and bIghHa'Daq ghaHtaH qama''e' The prisoner is in the prison from KGT. paq'batlh has a bunch of them.


It doesn't list 'oHtah as a hint


I've made a change in the backend; hopefully this will help with the hints once it has gone live in few hours to a day or so.


Is there a reason that vutpa' comes before puchpa', or is that just how it was structured in the backend?


The words can come in either order, though the order in the original sentence should be maintained in the translation.


In other words, translate

  • vutpa' puchpa' je jojDaq as "between the kitchen and the bathroom"
  • puchpa' vutpa' je jojDaq as "between the bathroom and the kitchen"

(and vice versa)

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