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"Tulizaliwa mwaka elfu moja mia tisa na themanini"

Translation:We were born in 1980

April 13, 2018



The format of the accepted answer changes from one question to the next.. Sometimes 'in the year' is correct, and sometimes it is marked as wrong. Rather frustrating.


It's still in beta. Just report it.


My Duolingo app doesn't allow me to report a specific error. I can only tick the box saying that my answer should have been accepted.


Don't worry. Some of us using the app that allows for us to do so are reporting these annoying errors!


Use "other" and you can type an explaination.


minor bug. I wrote 1980 - it accepted it but it also said I missed the space between 19 and 80? There doesn't appear to be a way to report these kinds of bugs so I put it here.


I am guessing that this isn't a bug you would report to the software developers at Duolingo but rather a typo (an extra space) that the Swahili course developers in Tanzania accidentally made.

The smartphone app has a free text field for reporting any kind of error in your own words. Strangely, the web version doesn't allow this. (Note that the app lacks the lesson tips and notes explaining the grammar of each topic. I now use both versions, to get the best of both worlds.)


The smartphone app has a free text field for reporting any kind of error

Not every version of the app has this. May be Android-only.


Thanks - I didn't know that. I am using the Android app.

Recently I saw an old comment that they used to have this feature in the web version at the beginning, but then they took the feature away. Pity!


That's true. Certainly some useful feedback was received that way, but it also created tons of extra work for contributors to have to delete the vast majority of comments which were junk. I imagine app users use the feature much less.


I wrote 1980, should be right.


Mambo rafiki! I wrote "We were born in 1980", and it was accepted. :)


Can the swahili team please add some consistency here! We never know what to write, sometimes digits are accepted other times not. Sometimes "in the year" is requested and other times not. Please allow for a bigger variety of good English and Swahili answers.


I repeat the same comment as others have made long ago, the format required is not consistent in this lesson, sometimes Duo requires "in the year" sometimes not. And sometimes digits are accepted and sometimes not. Rather frustrating.


In English we do not always use the AND. One thousand nine hundred eighty is correct.


Not in the UK, where the definite article must be used.


The definite article? "and" is a conjunction


You are so right! Just testing ;-)


Ah, the British! I forget that most foreign language programs are based on the British usages. Thanks.


Duolingo officially uses American English (well, except when it doesn't). Of course, they try to accept all varieties (usually).

What's actually accepted varies with what the contributors happen to be sufficiently aware of to have added.


Interesting comment. I have noticed many instances where N American usage is accepted. Of course the English influence in E Africa is from the British colonial era.


I worked out the answer using the options, but the hints incorrectly say 1985.


It still does not accept "We were born in the year 1980" as a correct answer

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