"It is forbidden to talk in the stairways."

Translation:Il est interdit de parler dans les escaliers.

April 13, 2018

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Why can't it be 'C'est interdit' ?


Actually, you can hear it a lot among French-speaker. However, according to proper French Grammar, you cannot say C'est + Adjectif + de.

The general rule is:

  • C'est + Adjectif: when it's a closed sentence. For instance It's beautiful. = C'est beau.
  • Il est + Adjectif + de + Phrase: when the adjective describes the next clause. For instance It's nice to offer gifts = Il est gentil d'offrir des cadeaux
  • Il est/C'est + Adjectif + que + Phrase: for instance It's important that you know it = Il est/C'est important que tu le saches
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