"Je vais au cinéma."

Translation:I am going to the movie theater.

April 13, 2018



in England we go to the cinema not the movie theatre

September 24, 2018


or the pictures, but never the "movie theatre"


Cinema is an acceptable english word!!


A cinema and a theatre are different You go to a cinema to watch a film. You go to the theatre to watch people in real life.


Do you know what a movie theatre is? It's "the pictures" or "the movies" or "the cinema" not the literal theatre


It was always my impression that the, "theater" was typically used for movie theaters whereas "theatre" is more closely associated with live performance.


You will look odd if you use "Movie Theatre" when speaking in England. One small downside of this app. In England you would just use "cinema"


Truthfully as an American I more commonly hear "movies" hardly ever a movie theater unless it's a question like "when does the movie theater open"


I still go to the pictures. I may be a bit old fashioned but I've never been to a 'movie theatre'.


Movie theatre would not be used in English. Cinema would be the correct term. Perhaps American English but that would be a small number of English speakers.


Cinema would be the correct term in the states as well...


"Movie theater" is quite acceptable in Canada and I'm sure the US too. I don't think that adds up to a small number of English speakers.


Correct. "Movie Theatre" is both correct and acceptable, it's just not used colloquially.


Got this wrong for saying "cinema"??? Sorry for being English I suppose??? We just call it that.


we go to the pictures


In English theatre is the correct spelling not theater


Unless you're American.


Why is it not "Je vais au le cinéma?" I'm confused why a "le/la" is not needed, but is needed with something like "Je vais à la banque."


''Au'' is à + le. It melts together.


“le” in french is the masculine definite article“the”. Where “à” in French means “to”. Therefore The phrase “to the” translates to “au” by putting together ''à + le”, . So keep in mind when one is "going to the" remember ''à + le” translates to “au”. Keep practicing and listening to the speaker to catch this.


I think theatre should be acceptable enough. To have to specify movie theatre is a little silly


Theatres are where plays are performed.


And they are films rather than movies....


I answered "I'm going to the movies theatre" and marked me as incorrect For a "s"?


I’m sorry. I can’t tell if it’s a joke. “Movies Theater” is not a thing; yes. Because of the “s”.


Yes, you may be right. But English is not my native language and learning a new language - French - and translating in another foreign language it isn't comfortable. Sometime I focus more on how to write the correct answer in English than in French... in this course.

(There is no course for French with using native language.)


I understand completely. You are correct, it’s the S. What’s your mother tongue?


:-) Beautiful language.


I have answered cinema all this time and now its suddenly movie theater!?


In Ireland cinema is deemed correct. ....it was also correct according to Duo a few lessons ago ♧♧


It annoys me how cinema isn't accepted. What nonsense!


Is there a rule by which I can determine which words are masculine or féminine ?


No, you learn the gender articles as you learn the word.


I go to the cinema or the pictures, never the movie theatre I.e.


I knew the answer but i can not spell to save my life so i always get these questions wrong


Why is it ‘au cinema ‘ not ‘a le (or is it la?) cinema’ ?


"au" IS how you write and say "a le"


In the US we go to the movie theatre to distinguish it from the theatre which is where one would see a live performance. You either go to the movie theatre or the movies. My problem is when do you use au and when do you use à. I'm finding that confusing.


Au is the fusion of à and le. You use à before la (à la banque) and au when the noun is male (au cinéma = à le cinéma). You will never see à le in French, it always becomes au.


I agree with the first comment


What is the difference between au and à? When we use au and when à


Au is the fusion of à and le. You use à before la (à la banque) and au when the noun is male (au cinéma = à le cinéma). You will never see à le in French, it always becomes au.


So typing "I am going to the movie theatre" is apparently completely wrong because Duolingo won't accept an alternate spelling of theater? That's asinine.


Movie cinema is synonymous with movie theatre.


Movie cinema is a bit redundant.


As you might have concluded in the discussion above, only in the USA and Canada, nowhere else in the English speaking world.

[deactivated user]

    If only there was an option to choose which version of English is your native language.

    "Je vais au cinéma" does not translate into "I am going to the movie theater" in the "UK English" language.

    We don't use "Movie theater" in our language anymore. It is straight up either cinema or pictures. Then again, to be more general you could call it by the company name like "I am going to Odeon" or something.

    Because of this, I am having to do multiple translations in my answers and I am not well versed in US English, Canadian English, African English or Australian English.

    Note: I am only guessing that Duolingo is a US company so is using US English.


    Cinema is acceptable as a translation of cinéma. That's very good of Duolingo to accept this seeing as it's virtually the same word ... ruddy Americanisms seem to be the rule in this app


    Using the expression 'movie theatre' is not English, it is what the Americans use. For some reason, they want to be different.


    The wanting to be different goes back to their war of Independence, they wanted to distinguos themselves from the country they had just beaten, which is understandable.


    We don't really use "movie theater", just "the movies" or "theater" because it's shorter


    "I am going to the theater" is correct and is not incorrect.

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