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  5. "What does he do at the fair?"

"What does he do at the fair?"

Translation:¿Qué hace él en la feria?

March 22, 2013



Wouldn't "Qué hace él a la feria?" be correct too?


I asked a Spanish speaking friend, who said that a is used for destinations or directions (eg. va a la feria) and en is used when you're talking about being at or doing something in a place (eg. Hace en la feria). So, montamos un caballo a la feria is we ride a horse to the fair, and montamos un caballo en la feria is we ride a horse at the fair (like you buy a ticket for a pony ride).


I learned a few lessons back that sometimes, en becomes at. for example, mama esta en casa, mother is at home. we don't say mama esta a casa. i'm seeing a trend that when it's a person being at someplace, en becomes at. hope this helps


i dont believe its wrong but if i were to take a guess, itd be because the "a" indicates hes doing an action to the fair, so it would come across more as "what does he do to the fair?".


I have been taught that when referring to a person "at" a location Spanish always uses "en". Just a rule. But this sentence may be ambiguous because as phrased in English it could refer to what he is doing, like a job, "at" the fair? In that case, maybe, "a" would be right?? But I just stick with the rule.


Same question I have.


yo tambien. Por que no es correcto?


So did I. Is it wrong please?


Why does el come after hace and not before?


When asking questions in Spanish, the verb comes before the subject.


good to know, thanks!


Thank! clears up a lot!


How did I not come across that before?


What is the rule about the pronoun placement in the sentence. I wrote QUE EL HACE EN LA FERIA.


i am here strenghtening my lessons. In another lesson we were asked "which is his specialty?", we were told that qué was wrong and cuál was right because there was a choice of specialties. Isn't there a choice here for what he does at the fair? Please help


¿Qué hace en la feria? El vende caballos. As always, I wonder if I need an article before horses.


I'd suggest a great book of Spanish grammar. On my Kindle I've got "The Everything Spanish Grammar Book: All The Rules You Need To Master Espanol" by Julie Gutin. It's about $10 and an investment that will serve you well.


is it also ok to say "Que hace en la feria"?

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Yes, but make sure that the particular él is clearly in context---because hace by itself could refer to any él, ella, or even usted.


Is "cual" wrong?


Cual (accent on a) = which or what. Plural is cuales (accent on a). Por ejemplo: ?Cual es tu pelicula favorta? ?Cuales son tus libros favoritos?


Can someone mind telling me why what I wrote is wrong, please? Did I over complicate it?

"¿Qué hace a él a la feria?"


You don't need "a" before el. The personal a is only when the person is the object (what the action is done to) not the subject (the one doing it). So "¿Qué hace él .... "


What you wrote means "What does he/she/it do to him at the fair?"


Why que el hace is wrong ????????


Why do we need el here. What's wrong with Que hace en la feria?


I used cual instead of que. What gives?


I wrote this : ¿que él hace en la feria? Wrong by DL. Does the order of the words matter so much ? Or it depends on the context ?

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Whenever you ask a question in Spanish, the verb always precedes the subject---just like it always does in English.


So 'What does he do?' is translated as '¿Qué hace él?'.


why not "Lo que hace en la feria"?


This one really confused me. I was confused about the other answers. Qué es lo que escribe en la feria. Isn't "Qué es lo que" Translated as What is the What? I can't quite figure out why que is there twice.


In Spanish accented letters are completely different letters to non-accented, meaning qué and que are completely different words, just like sí and si. Qué means "what", while que sort of means "that". The phrase you have there is "what is it that he writes at the fair?", or in less clumsy English: "what does he write at the fair?".


LARPs...what else would he do?


What exactly is the distiction between 'qué' and 'cuál'? What im asking is when exactly would one use each word?


where is the Spanish for do in that sentence


" que el hace en la feria" is correct too?


I found this Spanish blog which explains the difference between 'que?' and 'cual?' . It has helped me so I thought I'd pass it on.


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