"J'ai peur que cela ne vous ait pas beaucoup aidé."

Translation:I am afraid that did not help you much.

April 13, 2018

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Should "I am afraid that it has not helped you a lot" be a valid translation?

(Wondering about the difference between did/has)

Duo rejected my answer and instead suggested "I am afraid that is has not helped you a lot".

Which is doubly stupid; first, because it is obviously ungrammatical, and second, because I don't think one-letter typos should get your whole answer rejected, especially when translating into English (as learning French should be the focus here).


"is" was a typo on our side, sorry. I've fixed it now, so your answer should be accepted in future.

As for what typos are accepted and which are rejected, that's controlled by an algorithm we have no control over. It usually accepts one-letter typos, but not when it makes another word, because it isn't smart enough to know that you didn't mean to use that word and really did understand the sentence.


Why is it ait rather than ayez?


Because the subject is "cela", not "vous". "vous" is the direct object.


"J'ai peur que ..." cannot be translated with "I fear that ..."? Pourquoi pas?


Am I wrong in thinking that Duo should accept the translation "J'ai peur que ..." as "I fear that ..." in addition to "I'm afraid that" ?


I realise that it sounds awkward, but technically speaking shouldn't "I am afraid that that hasn't helped you much" be accepted.


Oui, it should, it's been added.

The changes may take a few days to show, unfortunately there's nothing we can do about it but wait and be patient.

If you have it rejected BEFORE 20 April, 2018, please just move on (maybe grumbling at the computer out loud, but don't post it in the comments or put it in a report!).

IF it is on or after 20 April, 2018, AND there is NO other error in your translation, not even a typo, please take a screenshot and post it here. To post a screenshot here, you'll have to upload it to a hosting site like Imgur. Then right click on the picture and click "Copy image address" (or the equivalent in your browser). Then, here, type ![](Pasted image address), replacing "Pasted image address" with what you just copied. Make sure not to leave any spaces.


"...that was not much help to you" rejected. Another perfectly logical translation bites the dust.

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