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Duolingo ruined

I’m afraid the new version of Duolingo Spanish is a disaster. Far too many tedious and simple repetitions. I’m losing the will to live and, if it doesn’t change very soon, I’m gone.

April 13, 2018



If you open a topic that you have completed it says "completed 0/5" or whatever number. It also doesn't show which topics are still shiny and which need more practice.


Topics turn gold when you reach crown level 5.

Topics that need more practice are accessed via the "Practice" button on the main page.

There is a Crowns FAQ that explains this and more. You can get to it by looking at the posts that are stickied to the top of the Duolingo forum, or by looking in Help for info on the Crowns system.


I dislike the crown system. I don't feel like I'm learning anything new and I'm not working on the words or sections that I need to practice on. Duolingo feels like a game now, not like I'm actually gaining fluency in my languages.


can you explain where the repetition is? I haven't felt any increase or decrease in repetition.

Also, isnt repetition a good thing, gets it stuck in your long term memory? or are you one of these people going from crown 1 to 5 on one skill in one day?


I agree - I'm all in favour of a reasonable amount of repetition as an aid to learning. I suppose that, having made progress under the old system, I suddenly find that I can't tell where I had got to, so that I can continue where I left off. (And no, I wouldn't dream of hacking through all the levels of one skill at a time! That really would be soul-destroying!)

I could just decide to move on from each skill at level two or three but then I would never know if I was missing something useful in levels 4 or 5. Also, there would never be the comforting reassurance of a "Checkpoint passed".


My current plan is to finish the tree, then start at the bottom and work my way up, getting everything to crown 2, then crown 3, etc.

maybe making some pitstops along the way to focus on skills that have weakened based on this website. https://www.duolingo.eu/Nick2408/progress doing some of the weaker skills.


That sounds like a strategy that’s worth trying. Also, thanks for drawing my attention to progress webpage, which I hadn’t discovered.


Is there a button somewhere that links to this progress page (rather than having to copy and paste it)?


i understand that Duolingo needs to continue to evolve, but i am missing the "bots" in practical speaking exercises. As a visitor to the countries whose languages i am studying, ii found them very useful practice. Please bring them back,


I like the Crown system. Although it seems repetitive, I noticed that I've been able to learn subtle grammar differences that weren't obvious before.


I paid for a year's subscription, less than a month before what I bought was replaced by something I didn't and still don't want. I imagine that Duolingo has a legal right to do this, but even in the unlikely event that the new system grows on me, I'll never renew the current subscription, because clearly, Duolingo can change what it is that customers buy, even after they've bought it.


i am interested in pursuing the new stories that you have constructed but from my tablet i cannot figure out out to access them from your 4 screen choices. The heart system sucks when practicing---you expect us to spend money for being imperfect--with the bots we could earn credit--that is gone???

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