"I love pineapple on my pizza."

Translation:J'adore l'ananas sur ma pizza.

April 13, 2018

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Wow such a controversial toping eh topic...


There is a reason for serving pineapple with pork. Pineapple contains an enzyme that makes meat more tender. But anchovies... To quote a hostage-taker in an episode of 21 Jump Street, "I see one anchovy, the librarian dies."


Why would you put such a horrible sentence where we have to learn it?


Eh. It's about learning grammar structure, not full sentences. Just change "J'adore" to "Je déteste" or "Je n'adore pas".


What is wrong with J'aime vs J'adore?

  • J'aime + thing = I like
  • J'adore + thing = I love


en français usuel on utilise peu le verbe "adorer" pour ce qui concerne la nourriture sauf pour montrer un désir incontrolé..."aimer"est suffisant pour exprimer un plaisir certain


Why isn't it J'adore du ananas instead of J'adore l'ananas? The sentence does not say I love the pineapple on my pizza.


When you use verbs of preference, likes and dislikes, you must use the definite article with the object. So "J'adore" + partitive article + noun is never correct. Same goes for aimer, préférer, détester, etc.

Also "du ananas" puts two distinct vowel sounds together, which is also not correct. If you must use the partitive article, it's "de l'ananas".

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