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"Mon travail est très exigeant, mais je l'aime."

Translation:My job is very demanding, but I like it.

April 13, 2018



Why is "je l'aime" I like it instead of "I love it" in this example.

April 13, 2018

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Duolingo's convention for "aimer" is: to love (people), to like (everything else). Use "aimer bien" for to like people.

April 15, 2018


Exigant translated as exacting was not accepted. I suspected it wouldn't be, but I decided to try it anyway. I am sure it means the same, so I have reported it.

May 25, 2018


GraemeJeal states that one of the 'hints' for "exigeant" is taxing". However, Duo has just refused my offer of "My work is very taxing, but I like it". Depressing!

January 18, 2019


A lot of synonyms won't work either. Exacting and demanding are safe. The cognate "exigeant" is rejected. Using that word just raises two questions. What does it mean? And what planet are you from??

September 6, 2019


Salut DoubleLingot. As ever, your contributions are a joy to read!

Bon weekend.

September 6, 2019


my work vs my job ?

June 1, 2019


Salut Rix62. In the context of this phrase, I’m sure that “work” and “job” should both be equally valid.

Bonne journée!

June 3, 2019


Could 'trying' could be used in place of demanding?

April 25, 2018


Salut Wmconlon. No – that particular use of the English “trying” implies a degree of frustration and mild dislike, whereas “exigeant” is most closely transalted by the English term “demanding”.

Of course, to Francophones, “demanding” could also prove to be a ‘faux ami’!

Bonne journée!

June 3, 2019


One of the hints for "exigeant" is given as "taking". I think this should read "taxing".

August 11, 2018


again like is OK but love is not?? How do you say then that you love your work? Silly

October 14, 2018


"I love my work" would be, "J'adore mon travail".

November 13, 2018
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