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"Eure Ferien sind teurer als mein Haus am See."

Translation:Your vacations are more expensive than my house at the lake.

April 13, 2018



House on the lake should perhaps be added. It's a frequent way in US English to say 'house sitting right next to the lake'. Lake house is another way of saying that sort of place.

[deactivated user]

    'By the lake' was marked wrong. This is just as good English as 'at the lake'. 'By' implies 'besides' better than 'at'.


    Could you not say "by the lake"?


    I'd say by or on would be a more common choice than at, from an American English perspective.


    Now See doesn't mean sea?


    Der See means "the lake". Die See means "the sea, the ocean". It is less commonly used. German uses more often das Meer or der Ozean for the latter. Check out Bodensee and Nordsee on Google Maps and see if you can figure out which one is feminine and which one is masculine :)


    Feminine See is sea. Masculine See is lake.


    your vacations are more expensive than my million dollar yacht. you guys are rich!


    We just call it a lake house where I'm from.


    Dearet= more expensive


    The UK English expression would be "Your holidays" and "House on the lake"


    Holidays in Rnglish


    Enlish use jolidays not vacation


    depending which English you're talking about. American English doesn't use holidays. We say we're going on vacation. Holiday is a specific day. Like Christmas is a holiday. In the US, you don't go on a holiday. You might be on vacation during the holidays (in general, if someone says 'the holidays' they're probably referring to the period of time between Christmas and New Years).


    Duo normally accepts holiday for Ferien or Urlaub for UK English (we never use vacation). It should also accept lakeside, as we wouldn't normally say a house on the lake. Duo tries to accomodate most versions of English, though does seem to draw the line with pidgin!

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