"Which apple did you eat? The red one or the green one?"

Translation:Quelle pomme avez-vous mangée ? La rouge ou la verte ?

April 13, 2018

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Why mangée and not mangé?


I'm assuming, based on the Tips and Notes, that this is a case where there is participle agreement with the direct object because the direct object, 'pomme', precedes avoir. Perhaps someone who knows can confirm this.


Yes, that is correct!


The correct answer given to me was "Quelle pomme avez-vous mangée ? La rouge ou la verte ?" But using the click-the-word (and not typing) these words are not an option, specifically avez-vous is not in the choices.


No 'avez-vous' option given?


What's the difference between "quelle pomme" and "laquelle pomme"?


"Laquelle pomme" is incorrect. laquelle can only be used when it replaces an implied noun, for instance "Laquelle avez-vous mangée ?" = "Which one did you eat ?"


ah. thank you for the explanation.


'as-tu' not accepted even though 'avez-vous' (the so-called correct solution) not even offered when clicking the words. Never mind the fact that 'as-tu' is perfectly correct, when using click words it is actually impossible to get this marked right!


Provided that the rest of your sentence is correct, "as-tu" is accepted. Quelle pomme as-tu mangée ? La rouge ou la verte ? If you are clicking word tiles you will only be given one translation possibility. Keep in mind, there may be dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of possibilities depending on the sentence. If you would like to write your preferred translation, switch to the keyboard settings option in the lesson.


Can anyone explain why "Quelle pomme est-ce que tu as mangée ?" is not a correct answer? Does it sound strange, or is it just plain wrong?


It would sound strange and "heavy" in French. With questions beginning in "quelle" you can either invert the noun verb (a bit more elegant) or not. Some expression are fixed: quelle heure est-il ? (What time is it?)


Ah, thank you so much for the explanation! I'll try to remember this.


Vous is still not given as an option on the tiles. Only tu is available so if you are using the tiles you will not get a correct answer.


There are multiple correct answers for this sentence, but only one is shown at a time. If you are given "tu," the sentence: Quelle pomme as-tu mangée ? La rouge ou la verte ? is also correct.


Thanks for both your explanations in this thread. As happened with someone else above, I wrote Quelle pomme est-ce que tu as mangée ? La rouge ou la verte ?, but that was marked wrong. Have I made an error, or is Duo simply not (yet) set up to take the longer form of the question?


I just saw our moderator's helpful response above. I wouldn't want to sound strange or heavy. Thanks! :-)


You are very welcome, GabeDC!


I had the same experience as SpindaToni below. HMMM!


as-tu should be accepted!


It is, provided the rest of the translation is correct.


avez vous is not in the choices!


If you are using the tap tiles exercise, remember that you may be restricted to a different (but still correct) translation. If you prefer to write your own translation, use the keyboard function.


What's with the double "e" in mange here? I've looked everywhere and can't find an explanation. What did I miss?


"Pomme" is feminine and the direct object of the verb. Since it is in front of the past tense verb "avez-vous mangée", it makes an agreement with the verb. This is the one scenario where the past participle (mangée in this case), forms agreements when combined with avoir. Usually you only form agreements with être.

If it was about multiple apples it would look like this : Quelles pommes avez-vous mangées ? (feminine plural -es)
Or books : Quels livres avez-vous lus ? (masculine plural - s)


Why would" Quelle pomme avez-vou mangee?La rouge ou le verte. " be marked wrong?


There are a few errors:

la verte

You also need a space before and after the question mark. Duo doesn't take off for punctuation, but the grading system may not recognize the words if they are squished together.


Tgis is not accepting my answer of "Quelle pomme as - tu mangée ?La rouge ou le verte ? I am not able to continue and complete lessons because of this


That is because your answer is not correct.

no spaces between the tiret as-tu
space after the question mark, mangée ? La
la verte (pomme is feminine)

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