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Klingon Hamlet

In my quest to hear the sounds of the Klingon language, I have been turning to You Tube quite a bit.

Yesterday I watched Klingons and Shakespeare.


I thought it was interesting listening to the actors talk about their journey through learning Klingon in order to bring this production to stage. Also, to hear the Klingon language used with a different emphasis and in a different tone than in a Star Trek movie.

I was especially drawn to the Klingon of the actor playing Horatio. BUT, I have a feeling that it was because his Klingon is less true. While the actor playing Hamlet...is probably closer to what to aim for?

It is nice to hear various, and different voices speaking Klingon. Not just one instructor.

I would like DuoLingo to consider adding women and voices of people of different ages and with different native languages (as in, speak different languages in this world) when audio is added.

April 13, 2018



If you would like to hear some extemporaneous conversation in Klingon by real speakers (and not practiced actors), check out these recordings: https://soundcloud.com/cartweel/sets/qepa-chamah-chadich


That is wonderful! Thank you for the link!


At the beginning stages, it really is helpful hearing it spoken..even it you are not speaking it back. Hence: this sort of thing works.

In Hamlet, I started noticing: "Hey I know that word!" Even though I am not even past the first section in the lessons. I figure eventually I will start hearing more and more.


We have discussed both a computer generated voice and actual recordings. We prefer actual recordings for exactly the reason that we might be able to get multiple voices (men, women, younger people, older people, native English speakers, native German speakers, etc.). Computer generated voices require a lot more programming on their part. Actual recordings require a lot more oversight and storage space.


Not sure how storage would be handled for something like Duolingo.


When you think about it...not all of it has to be recorded here. It could be artists or volunteers doing audio readings on You Tube...it could even be songs or short stories. Pointing back to Duolingo Klingon to get more sign ups.


I have used that computerized "sentence player" over on the Klingon Assault Group's web site. And fed in the sentences used in lessons here... it sounds choppy. And I can't tell if it is accenting things in the right places. Not really good for my level of learning, I suppose.


I can not believe my Hubby does not want to listen to Klingon Hamlet.


I feel your pain. Lots of us have loved ones who do not at all share our interest in Klingon. Mine went to the Klingon conference with me and wore Star Wars tshirts every single day as a silent rebellion. I am not sure if anybody noticed. We are a Wars versus Trek household.


Heh, attendees would probably have thought ghaH was playing along with the nerd vibe. As antagonistic as Klingons may be, there's not a lot of 'verse versus 'verse among Klingonists.


Is anyone aware of other productions done by this group? Or if the rest of the Klingon Hamlet is on You Tube? Are there any other artists out there doing work we can listen to in Klingon?

They blocked comments on this particular video so I can not ask over there.


This group was asked to do this because they had put together a version of A Christmas Carol in Klingon. They are also fully responsible for the Klingon Rick Roll (jIyIntaHvIS) and partially responsible for the yIchop music video and the creation of the Klingon Pop Warrior. They are no longer around, but after more than a decade perfecting A Klingon Christmas Carol, it can now be purchased as a play to be performed. Last December there were performances in St. Paul, MN, Chicago, IL, and Simi Valley, CA. Announcements have not yet been made for this year's locations, but it may not be too late to convince your local geek theatre company to do it.


Thanks for the info. :)

Pretty sure there will never ever be anything like this here in Phoenix.

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