"a sleeve"


April 13, 2018



tlhay is the Klingon word for "sleeve." It is also the Klingon word for the sound tlh.

It's kind of like how the name of the letter B is also the name of a winged insect ("bee").


It's just confusing that I don't have to select the letter tlh here. Im inside the sound chapter.


What do you mean when you say that you don't have to select the letter tlh? The translation "a sleeve" was only added so people who already know Klingon would not be marked wrong for giving this alternate answer. Were you shown a tile exercise that asked you to put "a sleeve" or something?


I remember seeing a prompt of "a sleeve" and being expected to enter tlhay.


I just didn't expect a clothes word inside a pronounciation part of the course. For me, it would be more logical if I had to assign tlh to tlhay in this chapter and learn the other meaning later in the course.


You are correct. We did not intend to teach the word for sleeve in this case. It is only there so people who know more can enter it and still be correct. If the course attempted to teach you how to say sleeve in Klingon, then something has gone wrong in the software.


I saw sleeve for sure as the only one available translation for tlh. I was confused and thought that it is an error (wrong translation / too early for sleeve / ...)

And that is why I started this discussion;)

Now I know that sleeve = tlh , thanks @jdmcowan!

But it is still a small source of confusion: people don't want to learn "sleeve" in Klingon too early)))

UPD: sorry for my first vague comment:(


No, sleeve does not equal tlh.

tlhay is the word for sleeve. tlhay is also the name of the Klingon sound tlh. The first tlhay and the second tlhay are homonyms.


Here is a picture of what drove me to this discussion... I am asked to translate "a sleeve" ... answer that was correct "tlhay" :


I am still in sounds... I haven't even heard of the word for sleeve?


Yeah. I've confirmed that the entry is set up in a way that users should not be seeing it. I had hoped that the system just needed to do some sort of update and it would finally stop showing it. But it's been a while and it continues. We may need to get staff to look into it.


If it helps....I found this question while doing the "practice" part of the program. The button with the dumbell in the sidebar with "Daily Goals"

So, officially it isn't "in" the Sound 1 lessons. It is in the practice for it.

Oh there was one more question for this particular practice session that I had never run into yet: "a word" in Klingon = mu'

Is mu' having a similar issue???


mu' on the other hand is a word that is taught in the Sounds lesson. It does mean "word" (a word, the word, words, etc.) If we had audio it would be demonstrating how to pronounce a qaghwI' at the end of a word. It shows up again later in the course, so we can't actually delete it.


OK... good to know.

I sure would like to take this chapter over, again, once the audio comes up.


The generalised practice seems to dredge up theoretically-deleted sentences more often, unfortunately.


Well, I am finding the extra practice sessions are useful. So, I am sure I will keep running into this stuff.


The whole lesson doesn't make any sense. I know that's a beta, but you should figure out another kind of exercises. In this exact case it's absurd that from nowhere it asks you what's the translation for sleeve, I discarded automatically the letter tlh, of course. But I was wrong and it's really frustrating.

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