"The animals are playing.."

Translation:Les animaux jouent.

April 13, 2018

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There are two dots.


Indeed there are... It should be fixed now. The changes may take a few days to show, though, unfortunately there's nothing we can do about it but wait and be patient.

If you see this sentence with TWO full stops/periods BEFORE 20 April, 2018, please just move on.

IF it is on or after 20 April, 2018, please take a screenshot and post it here. To post a screenshot here, you'll have to upload it to a hosting site like Imgur. Then right click on the picture and click "Copy image address" (or the equivalent in your browser). Then, here, type ![](Pasted image address), replacing "Pasted image address" with what you just copied. Make sure not to leave any spaces.

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