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Can we have the "Words" feature in Chinese?

Can we have the "Words" feature in Chinese? It would be very helpful!

For Spanish, there are four tabs: "Home", "Words", "Discussion", and "Labs". I really miss the "Words", which seems to be even more important for English speakers learning Chinese, compared to English speakers learning Spanish.

April 13, 2018



You can use the Words feature with a trick:

Enter the discussion forums twice (ie. in two tabs) with Spanish as your language. Then switch to Chinese in one of them and close it. Finally, go to the words tab with the remaining tab in which Spanish is apparently still selected.


I tried that, but it gives me a 404 code. I was on my PC and tried it using firefox and chrome as my browsers.

Did this work for you on a PC and if so, what browser were you using, or were you perhaps on a phone or some other device? Thanks.


I just did it on Firefox but I know I've done it on Chrome before, too.

Step 1: Set language to something that has a Words tab (e.g. Spanish)

Step 2: Open a new tab and make sure you are on the Discussion section

Step 3: Go back to original tab and change your course to Chinese/Japanese/Korean. You could even do this on a separate device

Step 4: Go to the tab that is on Discussion and still shows that you are on the course with a Words tab, then click on the Words tab and it should show you the "secret" words of the Chinese/Japanese/Korean course.

The trick is you have to access the words from Discussion or you will get the 404


This just worked for me in Chrome. Besides the "part of speech" column it's all there for Chinese. 1022 words, time last practiced, word strength, character, pronunciation, what skill it's from, sample sentence. I don't get why this is hidden???


That was it. It works from the Discussion tab but not the Home tab and I had it open to the home tab. Thanks SO much.


I was using Firefox on the PC.

It will give you a 404 code unless you trick Duolingo. Maybe you left the first tab open for too long after changing the language. You should immediately close the tab after the language has been changed.


Like... this seems like it would be the perfect thing for Chinese since everything is in nice symbols that can easily be studied. This needs to be implemented!


In the intervening year, someone has fixed whatever enabled the trick.


Try https://duome.eu/. You can get all the lesson words and tips and a complete list of words being taught in the Chinese course, as well which words you've covered and how well. All your stats. It's an excellent little site someone pointed me to a while ago.

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