"We pack our suitcases before our departure."

Translation:Nous faisons nos valises avant notre départ.

April 13, 2018

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In one exercise "notre chaise" translates as our chairs but not "notre valise" in the case of suitcases?


Singular vs plural

  • Notre chaise = our chair
  • Nos chaises = our chairs
  • Notre valise = our suitcase
  • Nos valises = our suitcases

I'm not sure about the other exercise, as "our chair" is accepted there.


I understand the singular/plural issue but in one exercise in this same "chapter" the sentence was something like "Nous tournons notre chaise ver la fenetre" or something like that and the translation was that in that particular case notre chaise was used for "our chairs". There must be a rule :). Thanks!

[deactivated user]

    Hi neoscribe. I think you might be mistaken about that exercise:



    You are right! Thank you!


    I think you are right. In an earlier exercise we had the example of "notre chapeau" to mean one hat each -- and in this set also, "notre chaise" which I took to mean one chair each and which was accepted. ??


    I keep typing in the required text, exactly as DL translates it, and it keeps rejecting my identical answer, so I cannot move on - it has done this 3 times. Must be a glitch, I am going to try the word bank.

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