"Unahitaji kibali cha kazi kufanya kazi Tanzania"

Translation:You need a work permit to work in Tanzania

April 13, 2018

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You need a work permit to work in Tanzania.


Articles are missing from most English translations.


You need article to write translation in English.


Most of my time and memory is wasted by memorizing those stupid wrong transactions


You see?... even my spelling and grammar checker is getting confused ... it confuses even other apps


Kufanya is killing me! Why cant this be : You need a work permit to do work in Tanzania? I know I'm missing something, but what is it?


It's just not really idiomatic English. It's possible, but it's a bit bizarre to add "do" into this sentence in English. It should be accepted as a possible answer because it is possible, but you should also be aware of the risks of translating too literally. "To work" in Swahili is kufanya kazi. There is no single verb for it, as there is in English, so kufanya is in the Swahili sentence because it's necessary. It's not necessary in English.


Does anyone else hear the audio as "WANAHITAJI ..." instead of "UNAHITAJI"?

Also, did anyone else type this in all caps just to remain faithful to the audio?

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