Are there any very active Chinese clubs?

I've tried several now. I finally found one where three or four people occasionally (once every few days) participate or make a comment, but I'm hoping that there is a club (with open space) where I'm not one of two people participating in the games or making posts that never get responded to. Please post a code if you're in an active club that has room. Thanks!

April 13, 2018



April 14, 2018

3ZEVQM has been pretty active for the last 3 weeks I have been in it. Top 3 are always over 1000XP and top 7-10 are around 500 XP

April 14, 2018

One week the finishing 1st and 2nd place were 5400XP and 4900XP

April 14, 2018

Thanks, I'll check that one out.

April 16, 2018

How do you MAKE a club? Bitte. (Thanks in German)

August 25, 2018

You need to leave any current club you are in, then you have the option to join a different one or create your own.

I created my own as I'm hoping to create one with lots of active members for XP and participation in the chat/games. Please consider joining MY4Z5Y.

February 10, 2019 F8DYDU Join mine. Very very active club

January 6, 2019

Yes! Please join A7YUJN . Check every Sunday afternoon EST for spaces, I remove users who have been inactive for two weeks at that time.

February 3, 2019
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