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Are there any very active Chinese clubs?

I've tried several now. I finally found one where three or four people occasionally (once every few days) participate or make a comment, but I'm hoping that there is a club (with open space) where I'm not one of two people participating in the games or making posts that never get responded to. Please post a code if you're in an active club that has room. Thanks!

April 13, 2018





3ZEVQM has been pretty active for the last 3 weeks I have been in it. Top 3 are always over 1000XP and top 7-10 are around 500 XP


One week the finishing 1st and 2nd place were 5400XP and 4900XP


Thanks, I'll check that one out.


How do you MAKE a club? Bitte. (Thanks in German)


You need to leave any current club you are in, then you have the option to join a different one or create your own.

I created my own as I'm hoping to create one with lots of active members for XP and participation in the chat/games. Please consider joining MY4Z5Y.


Yes! Please join A7YUJN . Check every Sunday afternoon EST for spaces, I remove users who have been inactive for two weeks at that time.

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