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Looking for active members of my French club

Hi, I don't know if anyone is gonna join; however, I am looking for active people to join my French club. I want members who will interact with one another and participate in the group activities.

My club code is: 6C35BN

Thank you for your time!

April 13, 2018



Hello! If you don't find anyone, you are welcome to join mine, club code 66HMHM, we work very hard, top members scoring withing the thousands per week. Hope to see you!


What is this "club" thing that you're speaking of? I've been on duolingo for quite a while and I haven't heard of it.


It's on the mobile app. You can join clubs where you sort of compete with other members and participate in group activities/games.


This "club thing" is only on mobile duolingo app. thx, Ihram


Hi! I'm willing to join, however I am on a computer. I'll try and download the app, and join your group! Can't wait to start! ~Anna3117115


I appreciate it, love!


Is that activity includes laptop or specific for mobiles?


it is specific to the Duolingo app.

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