no pop-up screen, fanfare, or lingots for XP level increases

Since I got the crown levels, I have leveled up in three courses. None have brought the customary announcement screen or lingot award. I have seen a thread or two about this in the language forums, but scrolling through this forum, I don't see anything, so I thought I would raise the issue here.

Is this intentional? Are XP levels on their way out (they've long been hardly visible on the app)? Or is this just a temporary or inadvertent omission with the introduction of crowns?

April 13, 2018


Many of us wonder the same thing. I filed a bug report since there had been no announcement of these changes. Since the switch to crowns, I receive no lingots when moving to a new level and no fanfare. I use the browser version with Chrome. If this is a change to some or all accounts, then I'd suggest correcting the screen which describes when lingots are awarded since it now contains false information.

This change is not unwelcome. I was swimming in lingots previously and now have fewer to dispense; however, some clarification would be appreciated since informing users of changes builds trust, and not doing so makes Duolingo users feel as if they are only valued as experimental objects, not as people.

April 13, 2018
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Got the same issue with no lingots on achieving higher levels; was wondering the same thing.

April 15, 2018
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