"Did you promise her a new kitchen?"

Translation:Slíbil jsi jí novou kuchyni?

April 13, 2018

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je zásadní chyba "kuchyň"?


Fakt blbnu. Ne, není to chyba.


If I wanted to use slíbilš instead of slíbil jsi, this would need to be second place because of the combined clitic, correct?

Does the "jí" in this sentence, as secondary second place, make it impossible to use "slíbilš"?

Novou kuchyni slíbilš jí?

Or is the problem less about slíbilš than the word order required to accommodate it not making as much sense?

Thanks in advance for entertaining my curiosity!


slíbilš does not exist, slíbils does. It has to be in the first position so that the appended -s is in the second position. It has a very high priority in the clitic cluster although "se" comes even before that.

Slíbils jí novou kuchyni?

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