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Why do people not like the crown system???

I personally do not get how people could not like the crown system,(something i will never get.) But go ahead and try to convince me in the comments why while i try to convince you. The Crown system is great because it makes people work harder at it and it has them learn more. People who do not like the crown system don't like to learn and their mom probably makes them do it. I love Duolingo it's so much fun i have 2 accounts and love working on both of them. I have been learning french for about a year and have improved a lot. People who hate the Crown system hate to work hard and learn different languages which is a challange But I love it. Tell me what you think in the comments

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April 13, 2018



I'm certainly fed up with the massive amount of threads on this topic, but I do think that the previous system was better, not because of crowns themselves but because you could repeat single parts of a skill, a very pragmatical reason I think, and I guess also because I liked the old theme and icons better, which is kind of subjective.


you have no goals at crown system... it's only hard work! no fun anymore, no evaluation. Very boring


you get to make your own goals instead of duo deciding for you.


Man you can't be more right than that.


I quit Duolingo because it doesn't have an SRS (spaced-repetition system) anymore, there isn't any science to back up the new Duolingo system, and the "improved metrics" that everyone is touting seems to be based off users spending more time on Duolingo (doing mindless repetition), which means Duolingo makes more money off each user from ad revenue. Since Crowns came out, I purchased Assimil Français, switched to Lingvist for free input-based SRS learning, and have started listening to French podcasts on a daily basis. My new learning methods are way more challenging and intensive than Duolingo ever was or will be. I'm not sure where the "challenge" is in Crowns. It's repetitive, and I'm not learning new words. I can learn more from courses with quality audio and content.


"People who do not like the crown system don't like to learn and their mom probably makes them do it. "

"People who hate the Crown system hate to work hard and learn different languages which is a challange But I love it "

You certainly pinned me down! I don't like to learn , I hate hard work and I hate learning different languages. That's why I've been on here for 17 months and accomplished a few things.

As an experienced learner of French I don't like the change because it has disrupted the learning process for me. However I will adapt and try and get the most I can out of the new system.

As a new learner to Spanish , I kind of like it. I need to go over boy/girl/man/woman lots of times until it becomes 2nd nature. This system will put me in a position to "master" the material of one section , before moving on .

Disparaging people because they don't share your viewpoint , says more about you than them.


The crown system makes people slog through deep mud toward an invisible goal.


Yeah the previous system was better. As you can see, most of the people do not support you because most of the people do not like the system. The crown system does not end which certainly does not promote the idea of working harder. The creators may have envisioned this ideology of making people to work harder but this just ruins people's determination. After you read this, feel free to tell me what you don't understand about people disliking this new system.



Hi, this is the French forum, for getting help with French grammar, vocabulary, resources, etc. Could you please edit your original post and use the drop-down list at top left to change the topic from "French" to "Duolingo"? That way it won't clutter up the French forum, and you're more likely to catch the attention of folks who want to discuss their Duo experiences.

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Also, if you browse the Duolingo and Troubleshooting forums you'll find lots of posts explaining why folks don't like Crowns.


I like the new crown system. It has made the courses much harder to progress I think. I will be stuck doing the Passé Composé for the foreseeable future, but that's ok as I need the practice. I find it hard to get the masc/fem/number agreement correct, but I'm beginning to get it.


This is what i think tell me what you think here plz.


is there a way to turn them off? i really do not like this system. i preferred the old system where it would update with which areas you need to practice showing what you have up to date and what needs work.

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    "People who do not like the crown system don't like to learn and their mom probably makes them do it."

    Generalizing assumption. The old system motivated me to work; it was my favorite thing in the world, probably. And that was all thrown away with the Crowns update.


    The crown system is to promote your motivation- just my 2 cents

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