"Mes enfants mangent des yaourts tous les jours."

Translation:My children eat yogurt every day.

April 13, 2018

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Why not "some yogurt" ??


Report it if it's not accepted. However, just "yoghurt" without some is more common, as an unspecified amount. "some yoghurt" sounds like a small quantity.


The take-away here is that "des" (here) is simply the plural of "un/une". There is no true counterpart in English. Although some people use "some", it is almost always omitted in English. The French use it in plural here because they typically eat yogurt packaged in single-serving containers (100-125g).


Is "yaourt" normally countable or uncountable? I.e. how "water" is uncountable but you can ask for a water, which is a serve.


So... why not "My kids eat yogurt every day"? It's complaining that it should be "children", but usually Duo treats these as interchangeable...

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